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  • The soda of choice is Coke products. No Dr. Pepper or Pepsi.

  • If you like a particular soda or don’t drink enough to constitute purchasing a card, then I suggest you bring your own. Pack a 6, 12 or 24 pack in a box and send it through with your luggage. Resealable bottles work best. Be sure to put a luggage tag on it and write your cabin number in large numbers on the side.

  • We also take our own water. They have large bottles in your room and will charge you for them (about $3.00 for a liter). It’s nice to have small bottles to take off the ship. We also take a soft-sided cooler (packs well) to keep our drinks cold. I take the individual Crystal Light packets and use one water bottle throughout the cruise to mix, refilling it at the fountain.

  • You can carry on a bottle or two of wine or champagne. Remember the corkscrew.

  • It states in the booklet that you can bring the wine to the dining room but there is a $10.00 corkage fee. I have never met anyone who has ever been charge this fee – but be prepared. It might help (to avoid the charge) if you slip the waiter a little something when you ask him to uncork it.

  • Ask your bar server about the Fountain Fun Cards. Fountain Fun Cards are priced accordingly with the length of the cruise and are available for both children and adults. Currently (as of 3/08) an adult card is $6 per day and children are $4.50. The general rule is if you plan to drink at least 3 or more cans of soda per day you can come out ahead with the Fountain Fun Card. A15% gratuity is added to the purchase of the card and it must be purchased for the entire length of the cruise.

  • If you purchase the cards while still in port you MIGHT get charged local tax also.

  • The drink card includes specialty drinks for the kiddies – such as a Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple.

  • There is free Lemonade, ice tea, water and juices available through the dispensers located on the Lido deck - self-service.

  • Bring a thermos style hot/cold mug with a lid and fill with coffee, ice tea, or lemonade. Works great for coffee in the morning or a cold beverage while lounging at the pool.

  • 15% of the drink bill is automatically added to Sail & Sign, which you may adjust appropriate to the service received.

  • Buckets of four beers in ice are available. This option provides a per-beer price break. Ask a server or bartender.

  • Occasionally some bars offer "Happy Hour" with slightly reduced prices.

  • Some mornings some bars offer "Early Specials" on Bloody Mary's, Screwdrivers, Tequila Sunrises, etc.

  • Special drinks and call brands are available at the Captain's Cocktail Party and the Past Guest Party. Guests may make a request through a server. The drink is still free, but since the server and the bartender have to go a little out of their way to accommodate such a request, I suggest considering a cash tip for the service.

  • Through Carnivals Gift page on the web, you can purchase alcohol drink coupons, 4 for $21.25 or 4 soda coupons for $7.75. These include the tip. If you order name brand liquor, they may ask you to make up the difference. If you hand them the coupon with a buck tip they seem to forget about the difference. Fun Ship Card Program (Drink of the Day Deal) Effective 12/15/2008

  • Program details subject to change at any time. Program is subject to cancellation at any time. Fun Ship Cards, which allow the purchase of multiple Daily Specials/Tropical Cocktails at a discounted price, are available for purchase by guests on all cruises from all bar locations. · The "Fun Ship Card" is a discount card, which allows the guest an opportunity to enjoy a variety of daily tropical drink specials at a discounted price. The Fun Ship Card is sold for $23.00 + 15% gratuity.

  • With the card, the guest will receive: 1 Daily Special Tropical Cocktail served in a Souvenir Hurricane Glass (first drink ordered with the card) 4 Daily Special Tropical

  • Cocktails served in standard glass. The Fun Ship Card is sold in all bar locations.

  • The Fun Ship Cards may be purchased anytime during the cruise. The Fun Ship

  • Card has 5 drink glasses printed on the back. One of the printed drink glasses will be punched for each drink ordered. The card is no longer valid when all five printed drink glasses are punched. The Fun Ship Card may be presented at any bar location or the main dining room to receive an included daily Tropical Cocktail.

  • Tropical Cocktails may be redeemed all at once or one at a time. There are no refunds for unused cards/punches. Daily Special Tropical Cocktails included in the card are:

    • Fun Ship Special

    • Bahama Mama

    • Riviera Delight

    • Yellow Bird

    • Caribbean Breeze

    • Goombay Smash

    • Blue Margarita

  • A “Monkeyhead” can be purchased for $14.95, refills $5.95

  • Carnival also sells a specialty coffee card. $11.50 + 15% gratuity gets you 5 regular sized coffee beverages from the coffee bar - things such as cafe mochas and other $4-6 range drinks. Again, if you purchase the first day while in port you MAY get charged local sales tax.



  • Guests must be 21 or older in order to be served alcohol onboard. Proper I.D. is required. Age is determined at time of boarding. If someone celebrates their 21st birthday onboard, they are still considered 20 years old for alcohol purchases.

  • The Fun Ship: $6.95, Refills $5.95

  • Try this exotic invention consisting of Amaretto, rum, vodka, apricot brandy, and juices.

  • The distinctive 15-oz. Glass is yours to keep as a remembrance of your cruise. Souvenir glass and refills are served only on the outer decks. FYI: Souvenir glass is plastic.

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