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Camp Carnival is a year-round, fleet-wide program that provides daily fun-filled and age appropriate activities for children and teenagers between the ages of 2 and 11 years old.  In addition, there is supervised "free play" and evening babysitting service (for a nominal fee).  Scheduled activities are planned for the following age groups: Toddlers (2 - 5 years old), Juniors (6 - 8 years old), and Intermediate (9 - 11 years old).

Carnival offers two different teen programs. For 12-14 year old guests, Camp Carnival offers Circle C with a wide range of activities from late night movies, sports night, teen disco, Karaoke, late night swimming under the stars, scavenger hunts, and many other age appropriate activities.

15 - 17 year olds have a place all their own as well, it's called Club 02. This program, like Camp Carnival, was created especially for these older teens.  The older teens get a chance to show off during a Karaoke session, pool parties, late night dances, and outdoor sporting events like basketball and ping pong.

Camp Carnival has its own Capers for each age group.  They are available at the Orientation Meeting, outside the Camp, or at the Information Desk.

Many of our ships feature lounges which are dedicated to both age groups.  Some of these lounges feature video monitors with PlayStation 2 or X-Boxes, as well as comfortable seating. High energy dance floors with state of the art lighting and sound have also become a mainstay in many of our "Teen Only" lounges.

Due to these programs onboard, it is Carnival's policy to restrict anyone under the age of 18 years old into the main disco after 11 PM. 

Camp Carnival is not a "daycare".  The program is designed so that families are able to enjoy "quality family time" together, and yet also have the choice of being with peers of their own age, whenever desired.  The Camp Carnival staff will coordinate late night activities for guests 15-years-old and younger.  Activities may include a late night movie, Karaoke, "Swimming under the Stars", etc. 

Upon joining the ship you will attend a Camp Carnival Orientation Meeting, at this time you will register your children in order for them to participate in the Camp Carnival activities – see the Caper for time/place. If you miss the Orientation meeting you can register your children 2-11 years at any time during the cruise at Camp Carnival. Once the children are registered with Camp Carnival they are free to participate in as many activities as they choose. Children 12-14 years old must also be signed up for Circle "C."  There is a meet in greet so the teens can meet and parents can register their teens.  Kids 15-17 years old can just check in with the Club O2 Director.

Youth programming staff is friendly and experienced and want to enhance your child's vacation experience. Carnival knows the importance of providing your children with top-notch care and supervision. All of our youth staff has to meet important educational and professional requirements, as well as pass an extensive background check. All youth staff members are college educated in Education, Youth Recreation, or have professional experience in teaching, daycare, and/or camp with children. Our youth staff is made up of an international array of counselors who are professionally trained in CPR and basic First Aid. Additionally, should there be a medical emergency; all staff is instructed to contact the parents immediately, as well as the shipboard medical center.

  • The counselors can not dispense medications.

  • If you have children under 8 years of age, you should be given a beeper/phone to use for the duration of the cruise.  There is a deposit required – you will sign a S&S slip stating you are responsible if the beeper is lost.  The slip is returned to you when the beeper is returned.  Beepers/phones must be returned to Camp Carnival BEFORE 10:00pm on the last night of the cruise or you will be charged. You can call the camp anytime you like to check on your children. Besides the cabin phone there are phones located throughout the ship.

  • It is against company policy to provide babysitting in the guests' cabin.

  • 2-8 year olds must be signed in and out.  Parent/Guardian must specify in the registration form which adults over the age of 18 are authorized to sign in/out the child. All designated adults will be required to present his/her Sail & Sign Card at both sign in/sign out. For the safety of the children, there are no exceptions to this rule.

  • 9-11 year olds can sign themselves in and out.  If the parents do not want children signing themselves out, they must inform the staff. Children 9 YEARS OLD AND OVER are free to sign themselves in/out of Camp Carnival as they choose at any time and for any reason. Camp Carnival is not responsible for children 9 years old and over once they have signed themselves out of a Camp Carnival Activity. Please give your 9 - 11 year old child a cabin key or arrange to meet him or her at a specific time and place. Children are not permitted to sign themselves out after 10:00pm. After 10:00pm 9 -11 year olds must be picked up by their parent from After Hours (fees apply after 10:00pm). Parents that do not want their 9 -11 year olds to sign themselves in & out of our activities will be REQUIRED to sign their child in & out when attending Camp Carnival.  If the parent/legal guardian chooses to change this policy and allow the child to sign in/out by themselves they must contact the Youth Director.

  • Circle "C" 12 - 14 Years Policy:  There is no sign in/out policy for this age group as they are free to come and go to activities.

  • Club 02 15 - 17 Years Policy:  There is no sign in/out policy for this age group as they are free to come and go to activities.

  • All children 11 and under must wear a muster station wristband.  Wristbands are available from your steward, Camp Carnival Staff, or during the muster drill.

  • If you leave your kids at Camp Carnival in the evening, remember that the counselors will take them to the evening show. So, make sure you're prepared to discuss things like thongs and sparkly bras!

  • There are babysitting services on-board.  Babysitting is not available during Camp Carnival's scheduled activities, which run from approximately 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.

  • Camp Carnival is closed every sea day between 12pm and 2pm for lunch. On port days, children whose parents are off the ship may eat with the Youth Staff. Camp Carnival will ask parents to pick up their children for lunch if they are on board the ship.

  • Camp Carnival will be closed for dinner on the first night of each cruise (this may vary depending on the ships itinerary). If you choose, we will provide dinner for the children in the Lido Bar and Grill. Check your Camp Carnival capers for the specific time and place. A variety of foods will be offered for the children consisting of different menu each evening. Some of the selections are: spaghetti & meatballs, fish fingers, tacos, chicken nuggets, fried mozzarella, macaroni & cheese, chicken tenders, French fries, cheese & pepperoni pizza along with cookies, fruit, Jell-0 and ice cream. Check your Camp Carnival Menu for each night’s specific menu.

  • Due to severe food allergies and USPH requirements no food can be brought into the Camp Carnival facility. Light snacks may be provided by the Youth Staff some activities will involve food products, this will be clearly indicated in your Camp Carnival Capers.

  • On early port days the playroom will open 15 min prior to the first scheduled ship's tour. If there is a midday port the playroom will open starting at 9am in the morning. On port days the playroom does close for one hour to prepare for dinner. You should check your capers to know when the playroom closes for that day

  • Babysitting / After-Hours program is available in Children’s World every evening from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM in the children's playroom for children 12 and under.  For infants under the age of 2, babysitting is available on port day mornings from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Noon).  If the ship arrives later in the day, babysitting is available the afternoon until 6:00 PM. Cost for babysitting and After-Hours is $6.00 per hour for the first child in the family. $4.00 per hour for each additional child in the same immediate family.

  • Babysitting / After-Hours is done on an advance sign-up basis with the Youth Staff.  This is done to ensure that enough staff is scheduled to provide this service.

  • All babysitting / after-hours is done in the children's playroom, with a "slumber party" type atmosphere.  Movies and cartoons are shown. Pillows, blankets and cribs will be provided.

  • The 9-11 year olds Late Night Party starts from 10:00pm and will finish at 3:30am where the counselors will deliver the children to their cabins. Activities vary from ship to ship and may include karaoke, video arcade tournaments, hide and seek, pizza pig out, outdoor games, Playstation2®, Nintendo Wii® and more. There is a fee for this party – contact the Youth Staff once onboard.

  • It is not mandatory for infants and toddlers to be potty-trained in order to use the babysitting services.  Parents must provide the youth counselors with diapers and toiletries to be used for their child. Youth Staff will also keep you informed about what type of diaper change your child has had during a shift and if additional diapers and wipes are needed.

  • Babysitting fees are due upon pick-up and paid directly to the Youth Staff on duty.  Payment must be made with the 'Sail & Sign' card. Cash will not be accepted.

  • There are items for rent to make it easier for traveling parents like baby swings and bouncers, strollers for going a shore or for use around the ship and even Gameboys® with a wide range of the latest games to choose from.

  • Camp Carnival does not use disciplinary techniques such as time outs; however unruly behavior will not be permitted. If children within Camp Carnival are demonstrating behavior including but not limited to biting, hitting, throwing, kicking and bad language we will contact their parents using our beeper /phone system to have them removed from the activities.  Parents of children who do not adequately adapt to the Camp Carnival environment will be asked to remove the child.

  • Carnival Cruise Lines is a family orientated line and for this reason Camp Carnival offers a variety of family based activities on all ships. Depending on the length of the cruise you will be offered a variety of family activities; these may include Camp Carnival Orientation Meeting, Family Welcome Aboard Party, Family Karaoke, Ice Cream Eating Contest, Cookie Decorating, Family Name that Tune, Family Scavenger Hunts, Carnival’s Teddy Bear Workshop and more. Every ship will offer a Kids Talent Show which will also require at least one parent to be present. It is on the last evening of the cruise.

  • Sodas and Juice

    • Younger children (2-5 and 6-8 year olds) will not require their soda cards at Camp Carnival. A choice of water and one or two juices are regularly offered to the children throughout the day. They will not have an opportunity to leave the room to acquire a soda.

    • Older children (9-11 and 12-14 year olds) may bring their cards to activities. However, they will be asked to sign out to acquire a soda during activities, as they will not be in the presence of the counselor at that time.

    • Children aged 4-11 and teens aged 12-14 will receive complimentary sodas during our first formal night party

  • The kids do spend time at the pool.  For safety reasons Carnival offers swimming only to children in the 9-11 and the 12-14-year-old age groups. This is offered in the form of a Survivor Swim Challenge or Swimming under the Stars. On many ships Carnival's Twister Waterslide will be open during this time for the kids only. Depending on the class of ship there may be a children's wadding pool also available, this will be open for parents to use at their leisure with their children

    • Carnival Twister waterslides that run into a pool (Fantasy class and Holiday class; except Carnival Imagination, Inspiration and Fantasy) have a height requirement of 48” or 4 feet. This height is set by the manufacturer. It is set for the safety of the guest using the equipment.

    • Carnival's Twister waterslides that run off into itself (Destiny, Spirit and Conquest class vessels) have a height requirement of 42’ as they do not have a pool at the bottom to worry about. This will now include the Imagination, Inspiration and Fantasy due to Carnival Waterworks.

  • If your children spend a lot of time at Camp Carnival, you may want to consider tipping the counselors. I know everyone feels TIPPED OUT but they do perform a valuable service.









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