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This is probably the longest document on the site but I feel it’s one of the most important. After reading this document you will be able to make an informed choice on the type of cabin you would prefer. You can find pictures of the cabins on the Carnival website.

Some of the ships allow 5 passengers in one cabin, the Triumph, Victory, Destiny, Holiday, Celebration, Fantasy, Ecstasy, Sensation, Fascination, Imagination, Inspiration, Elation, and Paradise (these are subject to change and may be limited per sailing). To be honest it would be a little cramped. Some ships offer adjoining cabins. These are indicated by a triangle shape on the adjoining wall in the deck layouts. They layouts will also indicate which cabins accommodate 3 or 4. It is rare but there are some cabins that the twin beds DO NOT convert to make a king. There are probably exceptions to everything I’m about to explain to you – but it will give you a very general idea of how the ships characterize the cabins. Be sure you check the layout and ask your travel agent or the Carnival Personal Vacation Planner before booking. Doing your homework before you call will give you the opportunity to select the best cabin for your needs.  

While many agencies will offer specials to lure you to book through them I have a preference towards booking directly with Carnival. Partly because we are eligible for the military discount and most can not beat that price but what I also discovered is that if you book through an agency you are bound by their contract with you. Some charge to make a change to your booking. So if you discover a $25.00 per person decrease you may not be able to take advantage of it because the agency may charge $50 for changes. Some give you the first change free, but if the price drops again it has to be for more then the amount they are going to charge to get you the price drop. I’m not saying that Carnival won’t honor the price drop. I’m saying that the agency is going to lose some of their commission by allowing you to receive the lower price and many are not willing to do that so to discourage people from asking they charge a change fee or they don’t allow discounts. I’m not saying every agency is like that and many people have great agents. All I am saying is if you decide to use an agency know what you will be charged for. Although Carnival refunds all deposits if requested prior to final payment (regular rate not Early Saver) many online agencies will charge a cancellation fee – so know what you are getting into. Another advantage to booking directly with Carnival is – if you have issues and you booked through an agent Carnival WILL NOT help you. They will not interfere with a booking. You are on your own and you have to accept whatever the agency tells you, or cancel and pay the penalty. If you book directly through Carnival you can call 24/7 and speak to someone about your reservation. Everything from changing your cabin to getting a discount. 

Carnival has changed their policies recently regarding price drops. Let’s say you book a balcony cabin (8A) for 2 people at $2000 at the regular rate (not a promotion). Before final payment date you notice the price on the 8A’s has gone down $100. You call and now you have that cabin at $1900. If you notice the price drop after final payment your best recourse is an upgrade if one is available. There has be cabin priced lower then what you paid. If you book using the new “Early Saver” the rules are a little different. I have taken this directly from Carnival’s website. 

Early Saver is a brand new promotional rate that rewards you for booking early with the absolute lowest rate. In addition, the fares are backed by a unique price protection assurance. Book your cruise now. If you later find a lower Carnival advertised fare for the same sailing and accommodations, Carnival will honor it, issuing the difference in the form of a non-refundable, non-transferable onboard credit. The policy is effective up to two business days prior to sailing. You now have even more great reasons to book early! Not only will you have the best availability of staterooms, dates, and destinations…you’re assured the lowest rate. 

Early Saver is available up to 3 months prior to sailing on short cruises (5 days or shorter) and up to 5 months prior to sailing on long cruises (6 days or greater). 

The deposit and payment terms are the same. However, Early Saver reservations require a full non-refundable deposit per person. 

Ship and sailing date changes are allowed prior to the final payment due date, subject to a $50 service fee per person, per change. Changes made after the final payment due date are subject to standard cancellation penalties. 

If, after booking, you find a lower Carnival advertised fare, Carnival will honor it, issuing the difference in the form of a non-refundable onboard credit. The lower fare must be: i) for the same ship, sailing, stateroom category and number of guests; ii) available for booking at the time you submit your request for the lower rate; and iii) a rate you are eligible to receive, if special restrictions apply. Price protection will be subject to the prevailing fees and/or fuel supplement if applicable. 

A Carnival advertised fare is one that can be found on or Carnival advertised fare available to the general public. A Carnival advertised fare excludes group rates, membership programs, charters or other Travel Agent promotions not offered by Carnival to the general public, including but not limited to travel agent rebates. 

If you find a lower fare complete a price protection claim form. If the request meets the price protection requirements, we will process your onboard credit for the fare difference and send you an email confirmation within 2 business days of your request. 

Carnival will accept price protection requests up to 2 business days prior to sailing. Provided you are eligible for the lower fare, there are no restrictions to the number of price protection requests or the requested amount. 

I told you this is was going to long but it is worth it (at least I think so). 

All staterooms feature carpeting, ample drawer and closet space, private facilities (shower, basin and toilet), room service, telephone, wall safe and color TV. Some ships have refrigerators in every cabin while others only have them in select cabins. Some ships have hairdryers built into the vanity while others don’t. To be honest, they don’t work that great and if you use a blow dryer all the time it is best to bring your own. There are some great travel ones out there. 

In August 2008 Carnival started to re-classify the cabin categories on their ships and now all the ships have the new classifications. You will pay more for a prime spot mid-ship then you will for a forward or aft cabin. 

The letter that follows the number indicates the level of desirability within a category. You can have several letters on the same deck. For example: On the deck plan you might notice on the Riviera deck they show 4A/B’s and 6A/B’s. Those prized center of the ship cabins will cost more then the ones in the front or the back of the same size and layout. So each letter indicates a better cabin in the eyes of the cruise line, therefore it costs more. 

1A – great for the solo cruise or friends traveling together. Cabin is set up with bunks. Lower is a bed with an upper coming from the wall or ceiling. These cabins are great as they are the same 185 sq/ft as a standard inside cabin but since the beds are stacked you get more floor space. Also a 1A can be an inside, have a porthole, and be on any deck. They are scattered throughout the ship. They are usually not offered as a discount under the military discount program, but exceptions have occurred. Never say never.

4A, B, etc… – The 4 indicates a standard inside cabin. 185 sq/ft with a minimum 2 twin beds that can be converted into a larger bed. For cabins to accommodate more then 2 there will either be one or two bunks that come from the ceiling/wall, and/or a convertible sofa. The convertible sofa is the size of a twin bed when the back cushion is removed and can accommodate an adult.

5A – The 5 indicates an ocean view cabin of some type. Same set-up as a 4 but it is an outside with 2 portholes or French doors.

6A, B, etc… – The 6 indicates a standard ocean view cabin. Same basic set-up as a 4 but oceanview have large windows (no they do not open). On the older ships these cabins are only 185 sq/ft but on some of the newer ships these cabins are slightly larger. 6E cabins are considered family staterooms and feature floor to ceiling windows.

7A – Obstructed Balcony – some of these are great deals as you will see as you read through this document, others are not. Know what you are getting. Still a great price for a balcony.

8A, B, etc… – The 8 indicates a standard balcony cabin. Balcony cabins are the same basic set-up as the others with 2 twin beds that can be converted. Minimum185 sq/ft with a minimum 40 sq/ft balcony. Some classes have refrigerators in this category – some don’t. Triumph class is one that does not.

9A – The 9 indicates a larger balcony cabin. A 235 sq/ft cabin that features a 85 sq/ft balcony (some larger) with a convertible king bed. They have a refrigerator.

11 – Suite – Minimum 245 sq/ft with a sitting area, dressing room with vanity, walk-in closet, refrigerator, bathroom with tub and shower, VCR, and a 220 sq/ft balcony with convertible king bed.

12 – Penthouse Suite – Minimum 300 sq/ft with sitting area, dressing room with vanity, walk-in closet, refrigerator, bathroom with tub and shower, VCR, and 115 sq/ft balcony with a convertible king bed. 

On the Splendor and the Dream they have a Spa stateroom area. These are listed as 4S: Spa Inside, 8P: Spa Balcony and SS: Spa Suite. Spa staterooms feature private access, special amenities and priority reservations at Spa. 

I also want to mention that on some of the older ships they will book 3 people into a cabin designated as a double or 4 into a cabin designated as a triple by the codes shown on their site and in their brochures. When they do this you will get a roll-away for the third/forth person. While the rollaways is not uncomfortable it does take up floor space – so be sure to ask if you will have a bunks or rollaways for the 3rd and / or 4th person in your cabin. 

Best rule of thumb when booking a cabin is to avoid any cabins directly below the Lido Deck pool area where staff will be dragging chairs out first thing in the morning. They also have parties on the Lido deck until late in the evening (or should I say early in the morning). You may also wish to avoid cabins above or below the main showroom, casino, dance club or teen clubs (they hold dance parties). Another undesirable spot is right below the gym. If you want to guarantee sleep select a cabin with cabin decks above and below. If you are the one up making the noise then a cabin above or below the club won’t bother you. I have a hard time with the fact that when Carnival re-classified the ships they didn’t discount (downgrade) those cabins above the noisy areas of the ship. The price for the cabins directly above the disco are the same price as the ones on the opposite side of the ship.  

Cabins on the lower decks near the front will get noise from the anchor when entering and leaving ports. The cabins near the back will feel the vibration from the thrusters when leaving ports. This is only temporary but something you need to be aware of.  

The list below was compiled from postings from Cruise Critic message board. It used to be very easy to update when the thread was on the Carnival board. Now that the power that be decided it belong in a general section people from every cruise line post and it is very difficult to keep up with. I do update based on emails that I receive through the website. So if you would like to add a cabin to the list please email me at and put something appropriate in the Subject or I will delete without reading. 

As you will see in reviewing the list several complaints are directly related to being in the cabins right below the Lido deck or over/under the dance club. I have noted those cabins across from the pantry as potential problem areas, although I have been 2 cabins down from the pantry and had no issues. There have been complaints about noisy ice machines and stewards making noise late into the night as the enter and exit the area. You may want to check the file Laundry Room Locations to see what cabins are located near by. Usually it isn’t an issue but you never know. 

At the end of the list I have listed some of those SPECIAL FINDS. Those cabins that have something that no other cabin in that category has – like a larger balcony or more interior room. These are things you are not paying extra for.  

So now on to the best and the worst (whew) ………….. 

Conquest Class (Conquest, Freedom, Glory, Liberty, Valor)

Cabin Comment

1006 Noise from gym

1062 Pantry across the hall

1120 Pantry across the hall

1268 Pantry across the hall

1271 Noise from gangway above

1354 Pantry across the hall

1393 Noise from below

1395 Noise from below

1429 Pantry across the hall

1430 Noise from anchors - loud / lots of vibration

1434 Noise from anchors - loud / lots of vibration

1442 Noise from anchors - loud / lots of vibration

2278 Noise from above

2364 Pantry across the hall

2432 Pantry across the hall

2446 Obstructed by the window washing platform when not in use

2449 Obstructed by the window washing platform when not in use

2450 Obstructed by the window washing platform when not in use

2453 Obstructed by the window washing platform when not in use

6224 Noise from Showroom

6249 Noise from Showroom

6358 Pantry across the hall

6367 Noise from below

6400 Noise from below

6402 Noise from below

6418 Above Bar Blue - band played late into the night

6425 Pantry across the hall

6445 Pantry across the hall

6453 Noise from below

6454 Soot on balcony

6456 Above the Lounge

6458 Above the Lounge

6471 Noise from below

6475 Noise from below

6487 Noise from below

7334 Pantry across the hall

7368 Pantry across the hall

7369 Empty space in the middle is Crew work areas

7411 Pantry across the hall

7449 Cigarette butts & trash on the balcony from above

8346 Pantry across the hall

8347 Noise from Lido Deck

8356 Noise from Lido Deck

8370 Noise from Lido Deck

8377 Pantry across the hall - plus noise from above

8425 Pantry across the hall

8425 Noise from above

8426 Noise from Lido Deck

8430 Noise from Lido Deck

8434 Noise from Lido Deck

8445 Noise from Lido Deck

8448 Noise from Lido Deck

NOTE: Aft Deck 8 Conquest class, the sprinklers to clean the windows above come on late at night, don't leave anything on your balcony or it will get soaked.


Cabin Comment

1169 Pantry across the hall

1195 Noise and wall shake

1250 Pantry across the hall

1303 Pantry across the hall

2109 Pantry across the hall

2251 Pantry across the hall

2304 Pantry across the hall

6109 Pantry across the hall

6260 Pantry across the hall

6335 Pantry across the hall

7101 Pantry across the hall

7236 Pantry across the hall

7291 Pantry across the hall

8246 Pantry across the hall

8301 Pantry across the hall

9104 Below the gym - noisy


Triumph Class (Triumph, Victory)

Cabin Comment

1005 Below the gym - noisy

1007 Below the gym - noisy

1009 Below the gym - noisy

1011 Below the gym - noisy

1015 Below the gym - noisy

1017 Below the gym - noisy

1019 Below the gym - noisy

1021 Below the gym - noisy

1062 Pantry across the hall

1112 Pantry across the hall

1262 Pantry across the hall

1348 Pantry across the hall

1399 Pantry across the hall

2221 Pantry across the hall

2363 Pantry across the hall

2414 Pantry across the hall

2418 Next to pantry

6207 Pantry across the hall

6244 Speakers from Show Lounge right below

6360 Pantry across the hall

6398 Loud thumping

6423 Pantry across the hall

7201 Pantry across the hall

7336 Pantry across the hall

7391 Pantry across the hall

8346 Pantry across the hall

8401 Pantry across the hall

8410 Noise from Lido Deck


Fantasy Class (Fantasy, Ecstasy, Elation, Fascination, Imagination, Inspiration, Paradise, Sensation)

Cabin Comment

E165 Noise from crew stairs & galley

E299 Smaller than standard 185 sq/ft- beds can not be pushed together

M15 Noise from thrusters in the morning

M298 Smaller than standard 185 sq/ft- beds can not be pushed together

M299 Smaller than standard 185 sq/ft- beds can not be pushed together

R144 Mechanical metal clanking and vibrating directly below

R248 Noises

R298 Smaller than standard 185 sq/ft- beds can not be pushed together

U151 Noise from crew stairs

U299 Smaller than standard 185 sq/ft- beds can not be pushed together

V42 No view



Cabin Comment

M193 Constant vibration 


Spirit Class (Spirit, Legend, Miracle, Pride)

Cabin Comment

1130 Noise from Jazz Club

1151 Noise from above - chairs

4226 Stairwell from 3rd deck that leads right up to the window looking into the cabin

4235 Stairwell right in front of window

4246 Stairwell right in front of window

7197 Pantry / Ice Machine against cabin wall

8144 Noise from Lido deck

8191 Noise from Lido deck

8265 Noise from Lido deck

8272 Soot on balcony

8277 Soot on balcony 

Now that we’ve gotten all through the “bad” stuff let’s talk about the “jewels”.  

For example: On the Spirit Class - 7A cabins (obstructed view). These are great cabins since they are a balcony at a bargain rate. But before you book be sure you know where the taller lifeboats are located. The first three lifeboats are taller then the others - which causes more of a view problem then the others. The remaining lifeboats hang below the balcony rail and cause less problems. The cabins with the taller lifeboats are 5142 - 5167 (best to be a couple more cabins back). Cabins 5168 - 5191 and 5224 - 5245 have the shorter lifeboats. Not that any of them are really bad. After all – how bad can a balcony be? 

Additionally 5236, 5238, and 5245 (all 7A’s) have very spacious balconies (extended length) for the same price as the other 7A's. Cabins 6232, 6234, 6281, 7258, 7260, 7303, 8232, 8234 and 8239 also have larger (longer) balconies then cabins in the same category. 

Cabins 5238, 6234, 7260, and 8234 are handicap equipped. Keep in mind that if you book a handicapped cabin (more spacious – wider doors – larger bathroom) and you are not handicapped, the cruise line has the right to move you to accommodate the handicapped cruiser. This may not work out in your best interest. Be sure you know what you are getting into before you book one of these cabins. You should not knowingly book a handicapped cabin unless you have a need it. 

On the Triumph, and Victory cabins 6424, 6451, 6432, 6459, 7416 & 7419, shaped like an L and are regular Cat 8 cabins. The interior of the cabin is a little smaller with 1 queen as opposed to the 2 twin/king but the balcony is at least twice the size of the regular cat 8 for the same price. Same on the Destiny with cabins 6336, 6344, 6363, 6371, 7316 & 7319. 

Conquest class: Cabins 2470 and 2473 are 6B's but are about 310 sq. ft. and have 2 windows. Cabins 6442, 6473, 6450, 6481, 7434 and 7439 are larger and have longer balconies then their counterparts. 7228 is a Cat. 11 suite that is handicapped accessible and I’ve been told it is huge as the white area forward of the cabin on deck plan is actually part of the cabin. Please reserve only if needed. 

While this list is extensive it is no way intended to be a complete list. I will update as I become aware of issues with other cabins or those new “finds”. If you notice any reclassifications that have affected the list, please let me know also.








Please send corrections and updates  - Site last updated 8/21/09