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  • The cost for washers and dryers recently increased to $3.00 per load. Vending machines dispense small boxes of detergent and water softener and is still $1.00 per box. For the safety of all guests personal irons are prohibited.


Conquest Class

  • Deck 1 – Riviera: across from cabin 1359

  • Deck 2 – Main: across from cabin 2367

  • Deck 6 – Upper: across from cabin 6387

  • Deck 7 – Empress: across from cabin 7339

  • Deck 8 – Verandah: across from cabin 8351

  • Deck 9 – Lido: across from cabin 9270


  • Deck 2 – Main: across from cabin M132

  • Deck 3 – Upper: across from cabin U76


  • Deck 1 – Riviera Deck: across from cabin 1255

  • Deck 2 – Main: across from cabin 2255

  • Deck 6 – Upper: across from cabin 6291

  • Deck 7 – Empress: across from cabin 7241

  • Deck 8 – Verandah: across from cabin 8251

  • Deck 9 – Lido: across from cabin 9190

Dream – Coming Soon!

Fantasy Class

  • Deck 3 – Upper: across from cabin U154

  • Deck 4 – Empress: across from cabin E2

Splendor Class

  • Deck 1 – Riviera Deck: across from cabin 1425 (iron)

  • Deck 2 – Main: across from cabin 2367 (laundry)

  • Deck 6 – Upper: across from cabin 6391 (iron)

  • Deck 7 – Empress: across from cabin 7339 (laundry)

  • Deck 8 – Verandah: across from cabin 8381 (iron)

  • Deck 9 – Lido: across from cabin 9270 (laundry)

Spirit Class

  • Deck 1 – Riviera: across from cabin 1219

  • Deck 4 – Main: across from cabin 4230

  • Deck 5 – Upper: across from cabin 5270

  • Deck 6 – Empress: across from cabin 6102

  • Deck 7 – Verandah: across from cabin 7267

Triumph & Victory

  • Deck 1 – Riviera Deck: across from cabin 1353

  • Deck 2 – Main: across from cabin 2367

  • Deck 6 – Upper: across from cabin 6391

  • Deck 7 – Empress: across from cabin 7341

  • Deck 8 – Verandah: across from cabin 8351

  • Deck 9 – Lido: across from cabin 9270

Note: Due to local environmental requirements, the washing machines are closed in Grand Cayman; the dryers and irons are available for guest use. Other ports may institute similar restrictions.



  • If you need aspirin, or a variety of general medications, check the "0" deck where the waiting room is for the doctor. There were free samples for the taking in individual packets.

  • For motion sickness: complimentary Meclizine (Bonine) is available from the Infirmary, Room Service or the Information (Purser) Desk free of charge.

  • A motion sickness shot can be administered in the infirmary to those who are actively vomiting, but not as preventive medicine; there is a fee for the shot. The Infirmary does not have motion sickness patches or wristbands.

  • Each ship has an infirmary that is manned by one to two doctors and two to four nurses - depending on the size of the ship - who are on call around the clock. The infirmary staff will assist you and provide medical attention during your cruise, including dispensing prescriptions should the need arise. There is a fee for the doctor's visit, as well as for any prescription drugs. Infirmary hours are listed in your Carnival Capers.



  • Due to itineraries, hours of operation vary from ship to ship.

    • Sea Days: Slot Machines open at 9:00am; select tables open at 10:00am; full casino opens 12:00pm-3:00am.

    • Port Days: The casino is closed while in port; the casino opens after the ship sails. For ships that overnight in Nassau, the casino is open during night time hours. For ships visiting Half Moon Cay, the casino may be open at the discretion of ship management.

  • The payouts on slots are significantly lower than ANY other place. Las Vegas is regulated and must payout 97%. A ship in international waters is regulated based on where it is registered which may not have any gaming laws. Payouts for ship slots are estimated to be around 85%. The odds for craps, blackjack, roulette, etc are the same as other locations.

  • If you play blackjack, one secret to keep in mind is the Fun21 table - there are NO QUEENS in the decks - They will tell you this IF YOU ASK but what they won't tell you, and 98% of the players do not realize, this forces a change in the way you play The casino will give you a stretchy lanyard and punch a hole in your S&S.

  • You can put chips on your S&S for a 3% fee.

  • They have Slots and Blackjack tournaments throughout the cruise for a nominal fee. Check the Capers for times.

  • You can get used dice in the Casino (they have holes drilled in them). They do charge a nominal fee.

  • If you want to learn how to play just go to the Gaming Lessons at the beginning of the cruise or ask any of our friendly staff who will be happy to assist you.

  • Players must be at least eighteen years old to play in the casino.

  • Frequent players should check out the Ocean Players Club and enroll with the casino host to earn points and receive great benefits and rewards. Membership is free. Table games don’t accumulate many points.



  • Gift Shops are not open while in port. Items are purchased using your S&S card. Ordinary items can be expensive in the gift shop and the selection is limited. Be sure to pick up your sunscreen and sunburn treatment before you board.

  • Specials are offered every day. Examples:

  • Inch of Gold - $1 per inch

  • Tortuga Rum Cakes – 6 pack only $24.00

  • $10.00 Boutique sale – scarves, watches, ties belts and much more.



  • The photo developing service on board is fast and actually comparable to what you will pay once you get off the ship. They will even develop to a CD.

  • The photographers are everywhere on the ship. They take your picture at the pier, they take it getting off at each port, they take one on formal night, etc.…. They even set up around the ship to take professional photos at night. The Ship's Photographers take both candid and posed shots all during the cruise. The photos are then put on display, usually the very next day, and are available for purchase (with a Sail & Sign Card). The prices are subject to change but the following is representative of the prices you will find on the ship. In “most” cases you have to purchase the larger photo before you can order smaller sizes. So if the photo on display is a 6” x 9” and you want wallets. You have to purchase the 6” x 9” also. 8"x10" - $21.95

    • 6” x 9” - $8.99

    • 5"x10" - $7.99

    • 4 wallets (same photo) - $5.00

  • Daily deals may be offered. For instance after the first formal night, a 'leather' folder that holds 2 8 x10s was $2.95 - included a free picture of the ship. One day a free 'vacation type' 8 x 10 picture holder was free with the purchase of an 8 x 10 photo. Daily deals are not always advertised, you have to ask.

  • They offer a very nice canvas version of the prints.

  • Don’t purchase extras copies of photos. Wait until you get home and make reprints.

  • Some photo departments put a sign up that says you can not scan the photos because a watermark will appear on the photo. This is not true. You can legally scan or get copies made at your local retailer by contacting Carnival Guest Relations at 800.939.6400 and asking for a photo release. Or to save time you can print off a generic one directly from this site.

  • Starting soon you will be able to print off your digital pictures from your memory card. They will have a Kiosk set up on board.

  • If you are traveling with a group you may want to get your port of call picture taken together. Speak to the photo department.



  • All ships have a waterslide. The slide operates subject to weather conditions

  • The swimming pools are filtered sea water, they are not chlorinated.

  • Whirlpools are lukewarm

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Adult only whirlpools are usually located in the back of the ship and/or in the spa. Carnival's Twister waterslides that are on ships that run into a pool (Fantasy & Holiday class vessels) have a height requirement of 48” or 4 feet. This height is set by the manufacturer. It is set for the safety of the guest using the equipment. Carnival's Twister waterslides that run off into itself (Destiny, Sprit, Conquest, Splendor, Dream class vessels) have a height requirement of 42’ as they do not have a pool at the bottom to worry about.

  • More information on height requirements is listed in the Camp Carnival section of the website.









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